1935 Packard Model 1201 – Greenwich Concours d’America Best Of Show 2015

1935 Packard 1201 Front

Welcome to the Best Of Show winner for Day 1 of the 2015 Greenwich Concours. Ralph Marano of Scotch Plains, NJ is one of the most prolific collectors of Packard motorcars from the 1930s until the end of the brand in 1958. His collection is incredible and we here at Mind Over Motor are proud to say that we’ve seen multiple pieces of his collection a few times over the past 17 months, including a full display of his Packard concept cars at Amelia Island last spring. This, however, might be my favorite prewar Packard in his collection.

This is a 1935 Model 1201 convertible, in a gorgeous brown paint job that seems to look black or green in certain lights. My friend Chris couldn’t stop talking about it, and for good reason–it was the winner of Best of Show amongst all of the American cars on the field. The forged wheel covers looked stunning on this Art-Deco body, especially when paired with the Firestone white-letter style tires and the scalloped rear fender covers. It’s not a hulking behemoth like some of the other prewar American cars featured this year, but the 1201 took home the honors for its elegant lines and distinctive style. Enjoy the photos. Congratulations to Ralph Marano!

1935Packard 1201 Front Left

1935Packard 1201 Front Right

1935 Packard 1201 Wheelcover

1935 Packard 1201 Rear

-Albert S. Davis

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