Mercedes AMG GT-S Greenwich CT

Mercedes AMG GT-S Spotted in Greenwich, CT

Mercedes AMG GT-S Greenwich CT

We’ve just returned from an exciting and car-tastic weekend at the Greenwhich Concours d’Elegance. We have tons of great material to bring you in the coming weeks, but take this as a small teaser.

We were perusing the parking lot, which is always interesting, and this brand new Mercedes AMG GT-S pops out of nowhere. This is the first AMG GT-S I’ve seen out in public, and we actually got to check one out in the show as well. I think it is a great looking car with the right sort of package to take on the Porsche 911s in its price range: 4.0L twin turbo V8, “503” German horsepower, and around 3500lbs with great weight distribution. Looks promising.

Much more to come from Greenwich!



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