Obscure Auto: B. Engineering Edonis

B. Engineering Edonis

This car is linked heavily with the Bugatti EB-110 covered previously. B. Engineering, an Italian firm made up of many ex-Bugatti engineers, designed a chassis based on the design of the EB-110 in order to make an extremely exclusive supercar that would commemorate the turn of the 21st century. They called their car the Edonis, and while it did share its chassis design with the EB-110, major changes occurred everywhere else.   

The most obvious change is the appearance of the Edonis. It looks radical and extreme, not subdued like the EB-110 was. There are many more edges in the design of the Edonis and vents that function both for airflow and intimidation. The Edonis looks more like an alien insect than a car. The interior follows this theme of “outrageous” too. There seems to be no flat surfaces whatsoever, and, of course, it is very driver-focused. Elegant is not the term for the Edonis in the least bit.

The engine is the same basic V12 as that in the EB-110, but has been bored out to 3.76L from 3.5L. B. Engineering also swapped out the Bugatti’s four, small IHI turbochargers for two larger IHI turbos. The final result is 671hp and 542ft/lbs of torque, over the Bugatti’s 602hp and 479ft/lbs–certainly a healthy gain. Power is sent through a six speed manual transmission like in the EB-110, but instead of driving all four wheels, only the rear wheels are driven. This allows for less power loss in the drivetrain  and less weight, so all things considered, the Edonis is much faster than an EB-110. B. Engineering claims 0-60 in the high 3 second range and a top speed of 227mph.

The Edonis remains one of the most exclusive cars in the world, tucked away in the collections of the ultra rich. They are rarely seen on public roads, and rather few pictures exist. It is one of those cars that is exotic amongst exotics. It is definitely not the most elegant or refined supercar out there, (that is to be sure), but if you are fortunate enough to see one up close, I implore you to savor that moment and take as many pictures as possible. The Edonis is quite a rare beast, one that generally is not shared with the masses, not even it’s presence on the street. It sure is cool though.


Enjoy more  below:

In car video, as close as most of us will ever get……. Just listen to the twin turbo V12!!!

The next time you are feeling down on yourself, think about this and realize your life actually sucks even more than you had thought.

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