Just gonna leave this here… Aston Martin Rapide Bertone Jet 2+2

This Rapide wagon will be a one off, commissioned by a wealthy collector…. obviously. It is a Bertone design, and was made to commemorate the long relationship between Aston Martin and Bertone. This Rapide Bertone Jet 2+2 is based on the new Rapide S, so underneath it is familiar, but just take a few moments and digest the visual beauty of this stunning machine.




3 thoughts on “Just gonna leave this here… Aston Martin Rapide Bertone Jet 2+2”

  1. Reblogged this on WrAnTz and commented:
    Have liked this post but can’t really make my mind up. On one level this is so wrong. On another it is such a great looking design. If there is only going to be the one then I will probably never get to see it in the flesh, will probably never be able to decide if I like this.


    1. It is a classic “Shooting Brake” design though. Personally I love it for that alone. I am also a huge fan of the Ferrari FF for the same reason. But if it’s not your thing, then its not your thing haha


  2. I love the Rapide-style front end but the rear and side profile have me thinking of a Hyundai Veloster inbred with a Dodge Dart and Dodge Intrepid.

    But hey, those that can, do.


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