Everyone, meet Brad

Photo by Dan Valanzola

We have a new contributor here on Mind Over Motor, Brad Credit. He is a young, very enthusiastic car nut, with demonstrated knowledge of the automotive field. He describes himself as

” a budding, 15-year-old journalist who currently resides in Washington, D.C.  An author for his school’s award-winning newspaper, I have my eyes on one day becoming a car journalist and have been a car enthusiast from the day I was born.  A serious motorsports fan, I am a vocal supporter for the likes of Jeff Gordon and Lewis Hamilton and basically love anything with four wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel.  You can usually find me with my nose buried deep in a car magazine or book, expanding my knowledge on all things cars.”

I’m sure Brad will fit in fine here, he passed the car guy test for sure when I asked him what his favorite car was, and he replied “1970s BMW 3.0 CSL” (seen above). Lets all give him a nice warm welcome. His first post will be up soon.



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