Pagani Releases the Huayra Roadster, and I need to go change my pants…

Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETT0001 D

Anyone who knows my taste in cars knows that Pagani is my holy grail. There’s something about Horacio’s philosophy of art and science intertwined that makes his creations truly special, even at a level above the Ferraris and Lamborghinis of the world (for me at least).

Pagani just released the new Huayra Roadster, before it will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show this March. I guess they wanted it to be the center of attention when it dropped, rather than a bullet point in the clutter of the show itself. Very Smart.

The jest of it is that Pagani took a lot of elements from the Huayra BC, and used them to improve on the Huayra to make the Roadster something on the next level. Weighing in at around 2,800lbs, the Huayra Roadster is an impressive 176lbs lighter than the Huayra Coupe, and it boasts 764hp to the Coupe’s 730hp. So it’s lighter than a Cayman GT4 and it’s got almost double the horsepower. Chew on that for a minute.

The point here is that Pagani has made the Huayra even better as they’ve cut off its roof. Lighter and more powerful, with the improved transmission and suspension design from the BC, and you get to choose whether you want a roof or not… I’ll take this over the Coupe, gullwing doors be damned.

Speaking of which, we haven’t actually seen the doors open yet, so maybe they’re interesting. That said, most rumors indicate the Huayra Roadster will have normal style doors. For many that may be a detractor, certainly when it comes to posing the car for photos, but I think having the wind in my hair is a worthy trade.

So, if you’re see this, and you’ve got a spare $2-3 burning a hole in your pocket, you can actually go screw yourself because all 100 Huayra Roadsters are already sold. Sucks to suck.

You can still enjoy looking at it, though…

Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 00003 D_senza (1)Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 00003 D_con ROADSTER.DESERT.01

Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETT0006 D (1) Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETT0007 DHuayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETT0005 D Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETT0002 DHuayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETT0003 D Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETM0014 DHuayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DETM0011 D_modif Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 DET PZERO0015 DHuayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 00001 D (1)Huayra Roadster Ginevra 2017 00001 D_senza (1)

PS: Also, can we please talk about those new wheels? They’re stunning!

-Nick Walker


One thought on “Pagani Releases the Huayra Roadster, and I need to go change my pants…”

  1. You said it: “art and science intertwined.” That is what makes Pagani so special for me. The cars become pieces of rolling art. So detailed in every shape and form. Great article!


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