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SC’s Gone Wild, a solid tribute to the luxury Supra.

One of my favorite car videos, its extremely well done. I love the old Lexus SC and have a desire to own one some day. I imagine many of you will after watching this video too. Even if tuners aren’t your thing this video is worth a watch just because it is extremely epic.



The ZR1 is a fantastic rip off…yeah, I said it.

The ZR1 is undoubtedly the most bad-ass ‘Vette since we were still fighting in Vietnam–that much is clear. But why on earth would anyone actually buy one? This may seem like a stupid question, but I have a rather non-canon take on it that many will surely disagree with. But, I’m going to say it anyway.    Continue reading The ZR1 is a fantastic rip off…yeah, I said it.

The STi’s Greatness, Fading Away

Subaru’s WRX has seen immense success here in the States since it first came to these shores in 2002. The car’s mix of practicality, reliability, and affordability, along with some very useable high performance makes it one of the best overall cars that money can buy. This includes the even higher slated WRX STi model that offers even more in the performance realm. The whole model line continues to see successful sales and a still growing fan base, including myself, so the issues I am about to bring up by no means imply that I dislike the cars as they are. I do however have some issues.   Continue reading The STi’s Greatness, Fading Away

Dodge Viper, What’s Next?

The Dodge Viper is a pure American outlaw designed with nothing but naughty behavior in mind. Since it first came out in the early Nineties, it has established itself as some stiff competition for the Corvette, but with a more exotic and hardcore appeal. Chrysler recently brought production of the previous generation Viper to an end and now the world is eagerly awaiting the release of the next generation. So what do I want to see from the new Viper? Continue reading Dodge Viper, What’s Next?

Spotted! Spooky Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limo, Central Park

Caught just by Central Park (by 7th Avenue), this tan Lincoln limousine looks very unique. Clearly (by the side graphics), it’s an advertisement for some venue with “Spooky Special Effects” located between 57th and 58th Streets, along 6th Avenue.


Major props to whoever was responsible for the appearance, it’s eye-catching and seriously cool.

The Lexus LFA and its marketing predicament

Lexus LFA

I just read Jalopnik this morning, and Mike Spinelli’s article comparing the Lexus LFA to the Jaguar XJ220 as a market failure, and there are some interesting similarities. Spinelli’s article was a reaction to an article on the by Nelson Ireson discussing the LFA’s market struggles alone. Ireson’s article compares the LFA to the likes of the similarly priced Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari FF, which have both seen some huge demand. He also looks at the cars development to see if he believes the LFA was worth doing overall. Read their articles in the following links and read my take on the issue below.   Continue reading The Lexus LFA and its marketing predicament

BMW, great at many things, but not everything


I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with BMW right now. I’m going to start by saying that everything they have always done well they continue to do at the highest level. The basic M cars, 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7 series cars are all pretty much where they should be, the SUVs as well with the exception of the X6. My problems lie with their attempting to over-segment the market, and how so many of the culprits being just awful cars with little or no purpose.    Continue reading BMW, great at many things, but not everything

On the Subject of Hypocrisy: Honda.

Just in the past two or three years, Honda has lost its mojo.  The S2000, once a respected, yet affordable roadster, suffered from the axe after the 2010 model year.  Since then, the last non-Civic ‘sporty’ Honda has hit the skids.  All we have now is the much-maligned CR-Z—a car that has as much compromises as it does electrons running around in its engine compartment.   Continue reading On the Subject of Hypocrisy: Honda.

Thoughts on the VW Golf R

VW Golf R

So VW have decided the Golf R should come to the US market. The R is basically an up market GTI with AWD and more power, around 265hp on the European models. It is being marketed in the same league as the Subaru STi and the Mitsubishi Evo but offers much more luxury and quality but slacks on performance by comparison. Those of you who play Forza Motorsort 3 may already know about the R and what it brings to the table.    Continue reading Thoughts on the VW Golf R