Test Driven: Ferrari F430 Spider

It is interesting how the supercar experience really boils down to two things, the drive itself and being the star of your own parade. In many cases, seeing people’s reactions is almost as fun as driving the car fast, there is a sense of occasion that a supercar brings and this Ferrari no exception.  

No real surprises with this car driving wise. It is a Ferrari and I expected it to be fantastic, and it was. It sounds great, especially through enclosed spaces. Shifts are direct and very crisp, as is the cars steering and handling feel. It is very obvious how much racing technology is in this car. It accelerates quite rapidly as to be expected and is just very engaging to drive at all levels.There is nothing fluffy about the F430 at all, I like that, some won’t. The car has valves that open in the exhaust at a certain point and its fun to buzz by people as you open them up causing a loud bark. Driving around cruising in a Ferrari convertible is of course a fun experience. People wave and take pictures of you and its all so much fun as long as you like attention. It’s a really cool feeling to finally be “that guy” driving the sexy Ferrari around instead of being one of the people watching enviously from the sidewalk.

Some of you have read my review of the F430 Scuderia I drove on the track in Las Vegas, I had a blast of course and the Scuderia was marvelous to experience in a closed situation. However, I did realize I was missing the other side of the experience that you get driving out in public. You see, a Ferrari is not so exotic, rare, or even all too extreme at a racetrack because that is where such cars are supposed to be. On the road they are more out of place because they aren’t like normal cars at all. They cause a ruckus everywhere they go and that is also an experience to be thoroughly enjoyed. On a track you can learn how a car performs at great lengths, but on the street you compare the reaction of car vs. society and probably test out some of that performance when you get the chance as well. So, final verdict on the Ferrari F430, everything about the drive is fantastic and the car makes you feel fantastic while driving it, what more do you want from a sportscar?

WoM Score: Ferrari F430 Spyder (used)

Primary Function: Performance: 2
Secondary Functions: Luxury(2), Practicality(2): 2
Visual Appeal: 2
Build Quality: 2
Value for Money: 1

Final Score: 9/10



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