Dodge Durango: Nice steak, but sizzle will help.

Me Gusta. Dodge Durango R/T, hauling a monster behind it.

So Dodge redesigned the Durango, and is now selling a hotter version, the R/T. But, with this on the market and getting decent reviews already, Dodge would be insane not to at least make a few prototypes of a Durango SRT8.  Dodge has little to lose by making a hot version of it, especially since this crossover shares its guts with the Grand Cherokee, which is already getting the SRT8 6.4 to replace the old one.  In addition, the fact of the matter is, Dodge may well be the only game in town for a hot SUV with three rows of seats. This might help differentiate it from other fast haulers, such as the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, BMW X5-M, and the Mercedes-Benz ML63, which are not only all more expensive, but also only seat five passengers.  This simple fact could make an SRT8 variant very desirable to the family man who wants to go fast, but simply cannot afford to buy one of the European monsters.

Plus, unlike the previous Durango, the styling is more organized.  Yes, it’s a big truck, but maybe this big truck could use an SRT variant.  If Jeep does another SRT8 Grand Cherokee, then Dodge should do a version of the Durango.  With Chrysler’s fortunes lately, they could definitely spend a bit of money on a special, enthusiast-oriented version of the big brute.  The styling works for it, and the chassis dynamics have been lauded repeatedly by journalists, so why not give it a go?


Your Thoughts?

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