Spotted!! Panoz Roadster

I was leaving the American Le Mans Series race at Lime Rock, CT when I spotted this ultra-rare beauty!

Panoz Roadster at Lime Rock Park

In 1992, Panoz launched their Roadster, with a 5.0L V8 motor from Ford, this little roadster was meant to get up and go from day 1.  The roadster had no top or cover, nor did it show a place to put one.  It was only offered in a 5 speed manual transmission, and when it came to options and amenities, there were none.  No radio, no a/c, no heater, and again, no place to put one.  The only thing it had was a US DOT mandated heating core for a windshield defroster.  Between the original Roadster (44) and the AIV (Aluminum Intensive Vehicle) Roadster (176), only 220 were produced.


Your Thoughts?

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