Spotted!! – Bananamobile??

Note the Chiquita sticker on the side, this thing is LEGIT!!!

“Lolwut??”  If the first time you see this, and that is not your response, I am not sure I want to see the vehicle that triggers such a word….

Anyways, our buddy Dan N. was driving down I-95 in Maryland when he saw this fruit rolling down the road.  He later told me, that at first he thought it was just a boat or a kayak being towed behind a truck until he got closer to the vehicle rich in potassium.  In fact, here is the text message conversation we had about the picture…

Dan – <picture>

Me – “lolwut” (See, that was my first response)

Dan – “Hahaha why yes, that is an honest to goodness full out banana car…”

Me – “Fantastic, I think?”

Dan – “Haha it was jaw droppingly awesomely absurd”


Me – “Weirdos lol”

Dan – “thats one word for it haha”

Me – “What’s your word?”

Dan – “Still speechless honestly haha”

Me – “Haha understandable.”

So you see, you either have to have no words because you are in utter shock, or you say “lolwut”

Your Thoughts?

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