Obscure Auto: Schuppan 962CR

Shuppan 962CR

This is basically a road version of the Porsche 962C that raced in Group C in the late 1980s. The Schuppan 962CR is its own chassis design based on that of the racing car, and uses many Porsche parts, but it does not bear the Porsche nameplate because it was a separate undertaking by one of their racing drivers, Vern Shuppan. In total only five or six of these magnificent supercars were built, making them some of the rarest cars on Earth. Schuppan went bankrupt due to the high cost of the cars as well as two customers failing to make payment. Such is the reality of all too many small supercar ventures.    

962CR rear

The 962CR itself is quite a car. It uses the 3.3L flat six from the Porsche 935 with twin KKK turbos. It puts out around 600hp, and in a car that weighs just 2300lbs, that makes for some incredible speed potential. 0-60 takes 3.5 seconds and flat-out, it will do 230mph. The transmission it used was almost identical to that found in the Porsche 962 Group C car. Back in 1994 the 962CR cost an estimated $1.5 million making it one of the most expensive cars of its time; however, it wouldn’t be an official record because it was not a full production car.

962CR Interior

The Shuppan 962CR is definitely a sight to be seen if you are ever so lucky. It is certainly on the same exotic level as a Mclaren F1 or any of the GT1 homologation specials. Looking at its DNA you would think it would have the Porsche crest on its nose, but being built independently it is a bit of a Porsche bastard child. The 962CR is a truly awesome automobile though, regardless of any of the details.


Here is a 962CR reviewed on Victory By Design, I apologize in advance for the voiceover, but you still get to see and hear the car in action and you can make alot of what is said out in the background.



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