Obscure Auto: Mega Track

This epic monster is a very special supercar called the Mega Track. It is basically a supercar taken to an entirely different level in that it is off road capable. Back in the mid ‘90s there was nothing else like it, and today there isn’t either.    

Mega Track

The Mega Track is powered by a Mercedes 6.0L V12 making around 400hp, and this power goes to all four wheels via a 4-speed automatic transmission. Its standard ride height is 8 inches and it can be raised up to 13 inches, making it a monster truck among its contemporary supercars. It was heavy too, around 5000lbs, but it could still clock 155mph flat out (Not bad for 1995).

The Mega Track just dwarfs the Ferrari F40

Only 5 of these beasts were ever built, making them quite rare. A French company, called Aixam Group, is responsible for the Mega Track’s glorious existence. However, they also are at fault for its premature demise. They halted its production to make a more conventional supercar called the Monte Carlo, which turned out to be far less awesome.

Mega Drift

The coolest part of the Mega Track is it’s off road ability and subsequent bad-ass, raised stance. The point of a supercar is to be extreme, and even among a group of the most exotic supercars the Mega Track is unconventional. It’s too bad Aixam decided to kill it off after only 5 cars because I think this “off-road supercar” idea has some promise. It’d be cool to see a similar car produced by Lamborghini as a successor to the LM002. The Mega Track has shown how awesome such a design can be. It is a truly special automobile on its own, and I hope it may inspire future production models from other companies.



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