Autocar: Snow tires vs AWD in the snow…… what’s better?

Ok, the obvious answer for the best snow setup is to have an all wheel drive car that is equipped with snow tires. That’s what I personally have, and it is flawless in winter driving. This is still quite relevant though, if you can only have either snow tires or all wheel drive, then which is better?

Spoiler alert: the snow tires win. Truth be told, all wheel drive is far superior in snow for getting moving and for controlling your car in a skid. However, when it comes to braking and avoiding a skid by having grip snow tires are what you need. Too many people think all wheel drive does far more than it actually does in bad weather. It only helps you get traction when using the accelerator, other than that your car is just like any other car.

So the moral of the story is this: No matter what type of car you drive, if you drive it in snow, get some snow tires for the winter months. Safety first.

-Nick Walker

2 thoughts on “Autocar: Snow tires vs AWD in the snow…… what’s better?”

  1. so…as usual…in the end…the curse of the SUV as lethal in the wrong hands wins again. I miss a sane, safe world filled with CARS instead of trucks (SUVs) and buses (soccer
    mom vans)!


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