Woodward Dream Cruise: Sh’Boom’s flamethrowers in action

Sh’Boom is definitely the coolest Hot Rod I’ve ever seen, and that is largely because of its flamethrowers you see here. I posted a whole gallery of photos I took of the car during a cruise night, but during the Woodward Dream Cruise it put on a real show for the crowd. It was cruising along slowly, with flames continuously spewing from the tailpipes for at least 3/4 of a mile. The streets were lined with thousands of people, and I could hear loud cheers erupt from the crowds as the car drove down the road. It was an incredible moment to behold. The effect Sh’boom has on people is astounding, definitely a car that will make your day. I just found these photos while digging through the albums from my summer in Detroit, MI, and I needed to share them. I am also going to add them to the previous Sh’boom gallery, so if you haven’t see those pics yet, check them out. Enjoy

-Nick Walker


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