Spotted! Lamborghini Diablo, Carmel, CA

After Nick and I finished shooting the Aston Martin One-77 off of Ocean Avenue in Carmel the first full day were in California last summer, we thought we were done for the day in Carmel.  We were a bit wrong about that.  Once we got back to the rental car, a black Lamborghini Diablo was staring both of us square in the face, sharing its portion of the pavement rather reluctantly with a Ferrari F430 Scuderia.  Of course we took pictures of it–why wouldn’t we?  This is one of the slickest-looking Diablos I’ve seen, especially with the black Murcielago rims which give this example a most sinister look.

-Albert S. Davis

2 thoughts on “Spotted! Lamborghini Diablo, Carmel, CA”

    1. If only it were luck haha. Most of these are just making the effort to be in the right places at the right times.

      Although it may look like it just rains exotics on our daily lives lol


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