Lamborghini Aventador at Amelia Island

Amelia Aventador 3

Lamborghini brought this snazzy red Aventador to the Ritz Carlton, Amelia Island for test drives. As you might imagine, the list was pre-booked, but we got ourselves on the waiting list in case someone decided they didn’t want to have an awesome day. Well, nobody skipped their drive, but I still needed to find a use for the photos I took of this stunning car, so here they are!

I maintain that the Aventador is the best looking Lambo since the Miura. There is just something ohh so right about its sculpted, angular shape that will make a Murcielago seem obese by comparison. Red is also a fairly uncommon color on an Aventador, so as it sat there, looking like a luscious red pepper, I was compelled to snap a few pics of it. Enjoy!

Amelia Aventador 1
Amelia Aventador 6
Amelia Aventador 7
Amelia Aventador 2
Amelia 9 Lamborghini Aventador
Amelia Aventador 4
Amelia Aventador 5

-by Nick Walker

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