Consumer Comparison 2015: Accord vs Altima vs Camry

2015 Toyota Camry 2015 Nissan Altima 2015 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord, the Nissan Altima, and the Toyota Camry, these may seem like mundane machines, but they wage a battle royale for the hearts and minds of the average buyers that make up a huge percentage of the automotive market. And make no mistake, if you are looking to buy one of these three cars, then you are very much an average, Joe-Blow sort of car buyer. That said, do not despair at your C+ automotive clout, because you represent the very backbone of the auto industry, and you are about to make an extremely important decision.

Honda, Toyota, and Nissan are basically seen as the “sure bet” manufacturers for anyone who just wants a reliable form of transportation. That is why we grouped these sedans together. But how are you supposed to choose between three decent options that might as well be carbon copies of one another? Well, dear reader, that’s where we come in to help!

Looking over the details, it is evident these three cars really are strikingly similar in every measurable way. All three of them start around $22,000, they all get very similar fuel economy, and they all seat 5 with a big trunk in back. They also all have two engine options, a measly four-banger that will work just fine for most folks, or a more powerful V6 for the sort of people who talk about chocolate like it is some sort of deviant sexual fantasy.

2015 Toyota Camry Rear 2015 Nissan Altima 2015 Honda Accord Rear


The Honda Accord is probably the best Accord yet. Based on the highly acclaimed european Accord, it is an attractive, well-proven package.

The Nissan Altima sees the highest peak fuel economy, with 38mpg in the four cylinder models. However it’s looks may be more divisive, and Nissan has had a lot of reliability issues with their CVT transmissions.

The Toyota Camry is all-new for 2015, and buyers will be impressed with its interior, which is noticeably nicer than the outgoing model. Other than that, it appears that the Camry will continue to be its trusty self. That said, it is a brand new model, so a lot remains to be seen.

2015 Honda Accord Sedan


Of the three, the first we will cross off is the Nissan Altima purely because of the awful track record that Nissan has had with their CVT transmissions. If you’re looking in this market segment, you want to buy a sure bet, so it’s not worth the risk.

The Accord against the Camry is a much closer battle. The Camry does have a wonderful reputation, but it is all-new this year and that means it is still unproven. In all likelihood the new Camry will be just fine, but at the same time we still don’t know if it’s floor mats will get stuck on the accelerator and send you, screaming, to a fiery death. Past Camrys had such issues, so we really can’t be sure yet…

The current-gen Accord on the other hand has been around since 2013, and it has shown itself to be quite solid. It also manages to edge out the Camry by a small amount in price, engine horsepower, and fuel economy.

So for 2015 the Honda Accord is the best of these three “safe bet” contenders, so it wins our recommendation.

-Nick Walker

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