LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 2

Ferrari LaFerrari In The Paddock At Laguna Seca

LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 1

This was the first LaFerrari I ever laid eyes on. Tucked away under some stairs in the paddock at Laguna, it was actually pretty easy to miss, save for the crowds of people that it drew. The ultimate Ferrari hypercar will always cause a scene, even if it is a more subtle color like metallic gray.

We probably saw 10 different McLaren P1s and 5 different Porsche 918s out in Monterey last year, but this was the only LaFerrari we saw. It’s quite a sight to be seen!

Enjoy the pics.

LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 3
LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 6LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 4
LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 5LaFerrari at Laguna Seca 2

-Nick Walker

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