This Stanced Toyota Previa is the Shaggin’ Wagon of the Century!

Stanced Toyota Previa Minivan First Class Fitment

This thing is badass, I don’t care what anyone may think. It’s just so ’90s in all the right and wrong ways.

Many Previas even came with a supercharged engine, which I’m just going to assume this one has given the fact that someone deemed it worthy of customizing. They were also on a rear wheel drive platform, offering all wheel drive as well.

My dad had a light blue Toyota Previa back in the day. I don’t remember what year, or whether it was supercharged or not, but it is the first car I actually remember him buying when I was a kid. It was the car I began my 13 year ice hockey career in, and it got us to many-a 5 A.M. practice. Because of that, the Toyota Previa will always have a special place in my heart.

Previas are quite interesting, as minivans go, so I’m always glad when I see them getting some love from the enthusiast crowd. We saw this one recently at First Class Fitment.

-Nick Walker


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