Look at this beautiful Ferrari 456M GT we saw at Lime Rock

Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 1

I love the Ferrari 456, especially the post-facelift 456M, and ESPECIALLY the GT model that has a proper Italian gated manual gearshift. I think it’s a breathtakingly beautiful car with its crisp yet elegant lines, and I love that it’s the quintessential recipe for a V12 Italian grand touring car. I also love that it represents the upturn for the Ferrari brand after some questionable offerings during the 1970s-80s. Ferraris have only continued to get better and better, and in many ways it began here.

While hypercars like the LaFerrari and F40 get a lot of the limelight, the backbone of Ferrari’s road-going models has been GT cars since the early 1950’s. The 456 is a proper Ferrari in the most classical sense. Its got plenty of room in the back for your stuff, and a symphonic V12 howl at the front, what a perfect way to travel and experience life to the fullest.

Seeing this Ferrari 456M GT at Lime Rock reminded me of why I always loved this car. The blue/tan color combo, the gated manual, and that 442hp V12, it was absolutely ideal.

Enjoy the photos!

Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 4
Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 3 Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 6
Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 8 Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 2
Ferrari 456M GT Lime Rock 5

-Nick Walker


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