1968 Lancia Fulvia Series 1 at the 2016 Scarsdale Concours

1968 Lancia Fulvia Front

What will always strike me about Lancia is just how good they look, even as a normal sort of car. This ’68 Fulvia sat next to a contemporary Ferrari 330 2+2, and still held its own for styling. This isn’t a supercar. It’s not even really supposed to be a sports-styled car of its era. But the eggshell white paint, tasteful minimum of chrome trim, and pert headlights and taillights accent the sharp body lines and bring out the best of the flair that the stylist of the Fulvia put in place. Of all the Italian cars in attendance at Scarsdale last week, this one was my #2, behind the silver 275 GTB (more on that next week) sitting down the street. Enjoy the photos of this offbeat Italian classic.

1968 Lancia Fulvia Rear

1968 Lancia Fulvia Headlights

1968 Lancia Fulvia Front Tire

1968 Lancia Fulvia Character Line

-Albert S. Davis


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