Sponsored: Original Grain Watches


Yes, folks, it’s Black Friday, and this is me fulfilling a sponsorship agreement I have with Original Grain Watches. But hear me out here because I approached them for this sponsorship.

I had seen their ads around the web, and I fell in love with the fine wood with metal style. In addition to cars, I’m also into watches and sunglasses. Both add to the Steve McQueen style I tend to go for with my appearance. Anyway, the Whiskey Barrel watch you see with the turquoise Fiat above captured my interest, so I bought it online.

It arrived in less than a week, and it actually matched its appeal in the photos. It proved to be quite solid, and I continue to wear it all the time. I absolutely love it!

After a few months wearing my Original Grain Barrel watch, convinced of the brand’s quality, I decided I was also in love with their Classic Rosewood / Black metal watch as well. I reached out to them to see if I could work out a sponsorship deal that would include that Rosewood watch. Original Grain agreed, and that’s when their ad appeared in the right sidebar.

My favorite thing about my Original Grain watches is their unique style. I have other flashy gold and silver watches, but they’re basically par for the course at a Concours event. When people see my Original Grains, though, they take notice. Even at a ritzy place like Amelia Island, I had people commenting how much they loved my watch… despite there being plenty of people around wearing other much flashier, more expensive timepieces.

There is something extra special about finely crafted wood for us car enthusiasts . Just look at the interior of a new Rolls Royce, a classic Ferrari, or a pre-war French Delahaye, the woodwork is breathtaking. It seems only natural that the same sense of style and craftsmanship would be desirable for the watch on our wrists.

So, I’ll leave you with that. But if you’re interested in watches, Original Grain is definitely worth checking out, and be sure to use promo code “MINDOVERMOTOR” at checkout to save $20 bucks.

It’s sure to be a unique addition to your timepiece options.

-Nick Walker


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