My first McLaren 720S at Driven By Purpose

McLaren 720S 3

This was my first time seeing the new McLaren 720S in person, at the Driven By Purpose event in Liberty State Park. It’s pretty damn incredible when you see it in the flesh, a true cutting edge supercar. It’s proportions seem a tighter than those of the 650S, which it replaced, and a lot of the styling that seemed questionable in photos made sense when you can distinguish every little contour. I also loved this copper orange and black two tone color scheme. Very cool indeed, and supposedly that 720hp claim is more on the conservative side.

We’ll surely be seeing many more 720S’ around in the next year. Now I just need to find one I can drive for a proper review. Enjoy the gallery!

McLaren 720S 11
McLaren 720S 2 McLaren 720S 5
McLaren 720S 15
McLaren 720S 10 McLaren 720S 7 McLaren 720S 14 McLaren 720S 13
McLaren 720S 16
McLaren 720S 8 McLaren 720S 1
McLaren 720S 4 McLaren 720S 12
McLaren 720S 6

-Nick Walker


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