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Secondhand Saint: Audi RS6

Modified RS6 at an event

This thing is a bruiser, 450hp from a twin turbocharged 4.2L V8 in a standard German luxury sedan with all the bells and whistles. I’ve seen tested 0-60 as low as about 4.3seconds. When the RS6 came out it raised the bar of what a European performance sedan could be with 50 more ponies than the BMW M5 and around 100 more than the Mercedes E55 at the time, and it put that power down tremendously because of its Quattro all wheel drive system. Audi shook things up with the RS6 to be sure.    Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Audi RS6


Pagani, Above The Supercar Standard

Pagani Zonda S. other than 4 wheels this car shares nothing with the common cars you see everyday. Just look at those Gatling Gun exhausts and those wing mirrors. mmmmmmm

The purpose of a car is to serve as a form of transportation that can take people and their things hundreds of miles with ease. As a basic rule, the average person needs such transportation to be practical, affordable, and useful in all of their daily personal functions. So what happens when a car is none of these things? What happens when a car becomes more than a bunch of nuts and bolts and is liberated from the chains of mundane reality by the vision of a single man whose passion knows no boundaries? The answer is that the car itself becomes the focus rather than the destination of travel. When not governed by real world concerns a car is free to become a living, breathing work of art, more something to be experienced than a tool to be used. It ventures into the realm of the extraordinary in a world so held down by the lame nature of the masses. Continue reading Pagani, Above The Supercar Standard

Secondhand Saint: S13 Nissan 240SX

When most people hear "Nissan 240SX" they think of this

The Nissan 240SX is famous for its appeal to the drifting crowd, just figured I would acknowledge the elephant in the room from the get go. It holds this fame because it is pretty much the ideal entry-level drift machine for many reasons which will be addressed later, but what makes the 240 great for the drifters also makes it great for other enthusiasts as well.    Continue reading Secondhand Saint: S13 Nissan 240SX

Premium Cars are fantastic, but foolish to buy brand new

Many people like the idea of buying a new car for various, often trivial, reasons. They may like the idea that nobody has possibly abused their car in the past, think it is the only way to have a full warranty, or maybe they just like saying they bought a new car. Regardless of their reasons, when it comes down to reality, these people are wasting thousands, sometimes even tens of thousands, of dollars that they could use elsewhere. This is especially true in the area of premium, high-end cars.    Continue reading Premium Cars are fantastic, but foolish to buy brand new

Aston Virage. It’s great…but, why?

Aston Martin Virage, an apparition in the dusk

Aston Martin have come out with a new model called the Virage, which is supposed to “fill the gap” between the DB9 and the DBS. Having seen one in person recently, I can attest that it is a glorious car. The problem with it though is that there really wasn’t a market gap between the DB9 and DBS that needed to be filled in the first place.    Continue reading Aston Virage. It’s great…but, why?

What to do with the upcoming Porsche Cajun

Porsche Cajun Rendering from

The Cajun is the much-rumored “baby” Cayenne Porsche plans to bring out sometime soon. When I consider the prospect of such a car, I have to consider how it will fit into the market and if it will even work overall. Based on the success of the Cayenne and Panamera, I would definitely say that this car has a very real ability to succeed once in production if properly executed. All of you scoffing purists out there just need to realize: it is cars like these, from which Porsche makes most of their money, that allow them to make all of the pure or wild Porsches that you lust after–so embrace it.    Continue reading What to do with the upcoming Porsche Cajun

Secondhand Saint: Ferrari F355

The three offerings of F355, the Spider (front), GTS (mid), and Berlinetta (rear). I prefer the GTS because it is a nice middle ground of the three.

This is somewhat of a departure even from the other cars we have featured in this section, but the F355 is a fantastic value if you have the money for it. While it cannot be had for the price of a new Corolla (like many of the other cars we’ve featured), it is one of the most iconic modern Ferraris and it can be had for the price of a BMW 5 series, so it is still a fantastic value.   Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Ferrari F355