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Highlighting used cars that offer a lot of bang for your buck.

Secondhand Saint: Ferrari F355

The three offerings of F355, the Spider (front), GTS (mid), and Berlinetta (rear). I prefer the GTS because it is a nice middle ground of the three.

This is somewhat of a departure even from the other cars we have featured in this section, but the F355 is a fantastic value if you have the money for it. While it cannot be had for the price of a new Corolla (like many of the other cars we’ve featured), it is one of the most iconic modern Ferraris and it can be had for the price of a BMW 5 series, so it is still a fantastic value.   Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Ferrari F355

Secondhand Saint: 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT

2005 Mustang GT in Windveil Blue, ripping its tires to shreds.

Ford blew everyone away in 2005 with the newly-redesigned Mustang, on its first new chassis since 1979.  The styling was completely revised, in the ‘retro-modern’ design theory, which spearheaded development of the new Camaro and Challenger. Continue reading Secondhand Saint: 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT

Secondhand Saint: BMW 8 Series (E31)

BMW 8 Series

Quite simply the 8 Series is a legitimate Gran Turismo that can be had for the price of a Toyota Yaris. Lets see, boring econobox that can barely be considered a car or an epic, 150mph, V12, GT car that will make you feel like an utter boss every time you look at it? If fuel economy is your main concern go for the Yaris, but if you like living life in a more extraordinary fashion then this Bimmer may be just the ticket.    Continue reading Secondhand Saint: BMW 8 Series (E31)

Secondhand Saint: Chevrolet Corvette C4 LT1/LT4/ZR-1 (1992-1996)

Endless headroom = endless fun.

The Corvette, despite all of the criticism leveled against it over the years, has always been a big favorite of mine.  From the originals in the 1950s to the newest ZR-1, each is unique, yet also somehow the same.  However, one of the ones that got a lot of criticism when it was new, the C4, did improve over its life, and the later models are becoming a serious bargain on the used-car market. Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Chevrolet Corvette C4 LT1/LT4/ZR-1 (1992-1996)

Secondhand Saint: E39 BMW M5

E39 M5 burnin rubba

The E39 is one of the most timeless designs ever to befall a saloon car, and the M5 is the kingpin. This was the baddest sedan that could be bought back in it’s day and now you can pick them up for the price of a new Corolla. That’s right, the BMW M5 can be had in all of its glory for a solid price that ranges from around $14 grand for the most abused to over $40 grand for the most immaculate. Overall I would consider $17-27k a solid price range to look in for these cars, because any less is a real risk for problems and any more you can likely find better options. In this middle range cars tend to have some decent mileage on them but not enough to deter a purchase, I call it being healthily used, generally 40-80k miles.  Continue reading Secondhand Saint: E39 BMW M5

Secondhand Saint: Porsche 944

1986 Porsche 944 Turbo

I’m starting with this car because I learned to drive stick on a ’90 944 S2, so I have a special spot in my heart for it. The 944 was Porsche’s base model back in the 1980s and early 90s.  It was very controversial at the time, and, like the Boxster today, was seen as “the poor man’s Porsche.” I can attest to the contrary 100%. The 944 is a fantastic sports car with great handling, 50/50 weight distribution, solid power and speed in the upper trims, fairly light weight (2700lbs or so), and a good look and feel to it. Back in its day the upper models would have competed with the likes of the BMW E30 M3, Lotus Esprit, Toyota Supra Mk3 Turbo, etc.   Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Porsche 944