Test Driven: 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited

Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited (front)

Last month, I intended to test drive a Buick Regal Turbo, but after a walk around the used-car lot, I discovered this little gem on the used car lot.  It’s a 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5 GT Limited, and I’ve been seriously considering one for after I graduate next spring.  Faced with the opportunity, I decided to postpone driving the Buick and take this LGT for a drive instead. Continue reading Test Driven: 2006 Subaru Legacy 2.5GT Limited


My thoughts on the new VW Beetle

2012 VW Beetle Turbo Edition

The 2012 VW Beetle is exactly what the Beetle needed to be in this day and age. VW has gotten rid of the cute and overly feminine look for a much more mature look that draws much from Dr. Ferdinand Porsche’s original Volkswagen design.   Continue reading My thoughts on the new VW Beetle

Alfa Romeo, please return quickly. We miss you.

The Alfa Romeo 4C Concept. Resembles the 8C, but far more obtainable. And I can't help but stare longingly at it.

Almost every car nut in the United States wept the loss of Alfa Romeo in 1995.  Alfa was supposed to have returned to America just four years ago with the 8C, but it didn’t happen due to the impending recession and a spotty dealer network (The 8C was sold through Ferrari showrooms, which are, admittedly, few and far between).  However, the 4C was recently given the green light, and Alfa (and Fiat’s) top brass have announced that this car will be the car to bring Alfa Romeo back to the U.S.  This time, I think it will work. Continue reading Alfa Romeo, please return quickly. We miss you.

Secondhand Saint: Ferrari F355

The three offerings of F355, the Spider (front), GTS (mid), and Berlinetta (rear). I prefer the GTS because it is a nice middle ground of the three.

This is somewhat of a departure even from the other cars we have featured in this section, but the F355 is a fantastic value if you have the money for it. While it cannot be had for the price of a new Corolla (like many of the other cars we’ve featured), it is one of the most iconic modern Ferraris and it can be had for the price of a BMW 5 series, so it is still a fantastic value.   Continue reading Secondhand Saint: Ferrari F355

Secondhand Saint: 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT

2005 Mustang GT in Windveil Blue, ripping its tires to shreds.

Ford blew everyone away in 2005 with the newly-redesigned Mustang, on its first new chassis since 1979.  The styling was completely revised, in the ‘retro-modern’ design theory, which spearheaded development of the new Camaro and Challenger. Continue reading Secondhand Saint: 2005-2009 Ford Mustang GT

Cars 101: Reading The Tires.

Photo courtesty of joeandjamie.com

Everyone who’s had a car has surely either dealt with a flat tire, or knows someone who has.  Or, you’re someone who changes their tires during the year between summer and winter tires to maximize the car’s capabilities over the year.  Inevitably, you get stuck ordering a new tire at some point, for one reason or another.  Those markings on the tire’s sidewall can be extremely confusing for first-timers, so here’s the easiest way to decipher them: Continue reading Cars 101: Reading The Tires.

Test Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 Spyder

Lambo Gallardo LP560 Spyder. Video Inside

Of the six cars I drove on the Gotham tour the one I would want in my driveway has to be the Gallardo LP-560 Spyder. It offers all of that supercar feel, speed, performance, and image, but with none of the drawbacks of the Murcielago. Although because it lacks some of that outrageous idiocy, it is very different than its bigger brother for better and worse in various ways, but as a car, that will be driven in the imperfect and chaotic world, it is far better.   Continue reading Test Driven: Lamborghini Gallardo LP-560 Spyder

Diesels: Why We Need Them Now

BMW 335d

Diesel engines have been around for a much longer time than many people realize.  Diesels are coming back to America, in a big way, but I still don’t quite think it’s enough.  Over the past couple of years, diesels have started trickling back into the United States due to new regulations on additives in diesel fuel.  But, as of now, there is still only a small number of model lines offering a diesel engine for sale here.  And I think that must change. Continue reading Diesels: Why We Need Them Now


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