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Rezvani Beast X Performance at Amelia Island

Rezvani Beast X Performance Amelia Island 1

This is a Rezvani Beast. It starts life as an Ariel Atom, but gets a total overhaul from Rezvani, built exactly to the buyer’s taste. While I love the raw appeal of the Ariel Atom, I find the Rezvani a lot sexier with its shaped exotic bodywork. Sure those good looks come at the price of an extra 300lbs or so, but Rezvani also more than doubles the horsepower of the basic Atom 3 using a supercharger. That’s 500hp in a car weighing only 1,600lbs, people…

It’s pretty impressive, but it had better be considering, at $160,000, Rezvani has also more than doubled the price of the standard Ariel Atom.

See the Beast in action on Jay Leno’s Garage:

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