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Test Driven: 2009 Pontiac G8 GT

Pontiac’s long history came to an end in 2009 amidst GM’s bankruptcy and Pontiac’s lack of distinction within the General Motors family.  But, the announcement came at at time when Pontiac began to distance themselves from the GM marching order, and a few years before had started producing some models with some real “driving excitement”.  The GTO, which was a bit of a market fluke, may not have looked the part of a muscle car, but certainly went like one.  The Solstice, the General’s answer to the Miata, hit the streets in 2006, after a very positive reception on the auto show circuit.  On the heels of the Dodge Charger (and the renaissance of the big RWD-V8 American sedan), Pontiac launched the G8 in 2008, right when I turned 18–and I kept going back to the local Pontiac dealership waiting for one to arrive.

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