Supercar SUVs: only one company can pull it off

Unofficial artists rendering of a Lambo SUV. There are a few out there, but I like this one the most because it looks like an SUV, not like a high riding Gallardo with awkward proportions. It could stand to be a tad more extreme though.

In this craze of high-end manufacturers desiring to build SUVs, there have been many truly despicable propositions. Maserati and Aston Martin are among the worst offenders here, seeing as how an SUV could not be more wrong for each of their portfolios, and to suggest such things as a good idea is in fact a high crime in the car world. For these marques an SUV model would do nothing but water down the brand. There is however one company that should be making an SUV, and that company is Lamborghini.   

Lamborghini LM002

The reason it works for Lamborghini and not the others is surely because it is in their heritage with the LM002 of the 1980s, but that’s not the only reason it would work. Lamborghini is a bit of a wild child in the auto industry, they’re a bit off the wall and can make any sort of car work so long as it fits their outrageous reputation. There is also the fact that Lamborghinis are made in low production volumes so not many models need be sold for it to be deemed a success.

The LM002 was such a car, with its huge stance, angled styling, and V12 engine from the Countach. It made the likes of a Hummer H1 seem conservative. A new Lambo SUV must do the same in the modern sense, but will benefit from all of the advances that have been made in the area of SUV performance since the LM002. It is only fitting that it uses the chassis from the Porsche Cayenne and Audi Q7, as it is arguably the best performing SUV chassis currently being made. Lamborghini is owned by Audi/VW so its all from the same parts bin anyway. While I would like to see it as a coupe SUV with scissor doors, a four door would work too so long as the styling is extreme as all hell and it is offered in the usual array of Lambo colors. In fact if it needs four doors, I’d like to see scissors up front and suicides in the back because that would serve to  properly offend most members of  mainstream society as any Lambo should. The design must also be sharp, big, and as imposing as possible. We want people to lose all bowel control from sheer terror when they see it charging up behind them in their mirror, anything less than this just isn’t good enough.

LM002 looking sinister as hell. The new one must exceed this level of badass intimidation

Driving wise, this Lambo must take the dynamic performance of the Porsche Cayenne to another level. There are plenty of electronic gizmos these days that can make such an SUV lap a track faster than most sports cars, while still being able to park on the curb just because it can. Engine wise, the new V12 from the Aventador would be the obvious choice, seeing as how the LM002 had a V12, but I will beg to differ here. I think this Lambo should have the twin turbo V10 from the Audi RS6 (that is from the Gallardo originally), and should have the boost turned up and the motor tweaked so it puts down around 650bhp and some unworldly amount of torque. The torque is the key here, and the V12 has it, but too high in the rev range for an SUV bruiser like we’re talking about here.

Another unofficial rendering. This one I find has been designed too much like a supercar, which is meant to be very low. So I find its proportions unbecoming of an SUV. Cool Idea though. But the LM002 was an SUV in all ways, this should be too.

All in all a new SUV from Lamborghini would be something to get greatly excited about. Unlike many of their contemporaries, who seem to be losing their edge in many regards, Lamborghini would pull it off brilliantly because they wouldn’t be trying to make something pedestrian and boring. This SUV would fit their character and I certainly think there is a market out there for at least two or three thousand of these things. Especially when you consider that Lamborghini would have Audi/VW backing this project, you know that despite its insanity, it would exude nothing but sheer quality and competence.

Lamborghini, the rest of the industry needs a lesson in how to do things improperly again. Save the mundane, acceptable crap for the plebeians and give the other high-end makers a kick in their ass because they need it badly.


Your Thoughts?

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