Saab’s Sob Story

Saab 9-4X

Since 2008, Saab’s fate has changed more times than I can count.  From GM nearly killing the company off, to a failed deal with Koenigsegg, to a successful deal with Spyker, it’s been a wild couple of years for the offbeat little Swedish company.  However, the trouble never seems to stop.

Saab 92

Every week, I feel bombarded with news that reads, “Saab cutting production” or “Saab bleeding cash.”  It genuinely scares me, as I feel that Saab’s history is far too colorful to ignore.  In addition, I feel that the company has lost its way.  Personally though, I don’t think it’s their fault.  When General Motors bought Saab in 1989, they were completely independent and had a somewhat small, if fiercely loyal, customer base.  Even as GM ignored the company’s lack of new product during 2008-2010, the enthusiasts got louder and convinced the General to keep Saab going for the time being.

The new 9-5. Yes, it's nice, but will it save the company? I'm just not sure.

But what now?  Spyker still has only released one or two products under the brand name, and their future is unknown.  The 9-4X and the new 9-5 are still taking the use of GM designs, so Spyker has little to show for in 12 months or so.  This really, really worries me.  Although they have announced a new small car, to be inspired by the original Saab 92, as well as a wagon version of the 9-5, I’m not sure if they have enough capital on hand to produce these two products, or the next 9-3 (intended to be released in October of next year).  For lack of better words, I’d love to see Saab in 2025, but at this point, I don’t know if it will happen.



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