About Jaguar’s C-X16 concept

Jaguar C-X16 Concept

Yesterday Jaguar released the first images and details on its new coupe which was rumored for some time. Long believed to be an E-Type revival of sorts, the car they actually released does not disappoint, and it has a few other tricks up its sleeve.    

It shares a few design features with the legendary E-Type and is quite a pretty car in and of itself. However, having said this I must also say that it lacks that pure beauty of the E-Type’s form; it seems it was shaped by a computer rather than sculpted by a hand driven by passion. This is true of pretty much all cars these days though, so it cannot really be held against the C-X16. It is very pretty, but for me there is just too much XK in its design and not enough E-Type.

That is where my criticisms end though because the rest of the car is fantastic. The C-X16 has the possibility to be a very progressive car, with its use of hybrid technology, so long as Jaguar allows it to go into production. Power comes from a supercharged 3.0L V6, producing 375hp and 332lbs/ft of torque, and an electric motor that makes 94hp and 173ft/lbs of torque. Things get better though because this car has KERS, meaning at the push of a button (called “Push To Pass”) you get both motors working together for an extra jump in power. From the looks of things, the electric motor’s figures will be on top of the 375hp and 332tq of the V6, so we are really talking about around 469hp and 505ft/lbs of torque with the KERS system engaged. That is quite a potent gain of push button power, equivalent to roughly 100 shot of nitrous for all of you Fast & Furious lovers out there. This is an awesome technology that comes directly from Formula 1. I just hope Jaguar has the guts to actually make it a reality when the production version comes about.

While the C-X16 doesn’t really fit in with the Prius crowd as a hybrid, it is still promising to be rather kind to all of the trees and the critters that inhabit them. Jaguar claims the C-X16 can operate on electricity alone up to 50mph with light throttle inputs. This means its carbon footprint will be much less than the likes of the BMW M3 or Mercedes C63 AMG with which it will compete. The PR department also says the C-X16 will average around 41mpg on the European cycle; not as good as a Prius, but fantastic for something that will hit 60mph in 4.4sec and will top out at 186mph.

When this concept hits production it will have both an 8-speed automatic and a 6 speed manual option. Either choice will suffice because I can attest that Jaguar’s automatics are among the best out there and behave as well as most sequential paddle shifts. Jaguar is saying the production version will tip the scales at around 3300lbs, so it will not be obese and will likely undercut its competition. As far as what I personally want to see with the production version, aside from the KERS setup of course, I think they need to change the name. “C-X16” is horrid, and it would be a shame to see Jaguar make the same mistake that McLaren has with their MP4-12C. Sexy cars require sexy names, or at least something that doesn’t turn any conversation awkward by using code. The name “XE” would be perfect for this car, it just fits, and it pays homage to the car’s roots. Other than that I think this car is ready. It has the potential to be a great mark of progress so long as those in charge are smart enough to let it be.


One thought on “About Jaguar’s C-X16 concept”

  1. hey nick very nice blog……i jus got a video of this car on my wall via “car design news”……i jus love its back from the first site….thanx for providing me the rest of the information.
    and that technology KERS sounds very gud , a push of almost 100 hp…….nice nice


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