Obscure Autos: Ferrari 456 Venice variants

Ferrari 456 variants

The Ferrari 456 is a member of a long line of Ferrari grand touring cars. It had a sleek, pure shape to it and was one of the last production cars to feature pop-up headlights. A good many of the standard 456s were produced during it’s eleven year run, and today they are even among the more affordable used Ferraris out there. There were, however, a few other variants of the 456 produced for customers (mainly the Brunei royal family) upon special request. These custom built examples are quite rare and are among the most unique cars around.     

The first, and probably most famous, variant is the 456 GT Venice Estate. It is a Ferrari station wagon with a stretched wheelbase, two extra doors, and a lot of storage space. It is perfect for someone who wants to attack the autostrada at 180mph, but also wants to bring along the kids and the dogs for the ride. Seven of these Ferrari wagons were commissioned by the Brunei royal family, of which they wound up buying six, so there is an extra Venice wagon out there somewhere on the free market. The unofficial price of each wagon was in the neighborhood of $1.5 million.

A convertible version was made as well, called the Venice Cabriolet. Pinninfarina officially built just a few of such cars for the Brunei royal family, but there are a few other 456 convertibles out there that have been converted after market.

A sedan model was also built, and is supposedly the rarest of the 456 Venice specials. The Brunei royal family was again the culprit for most of the orders, however some were possibly sold to a customer in Belgium as well.

All of the 456 Venice variants share the V12 found in the standard 456GT. These special editions were produced only to suit lifestyles of those who would drive them. They are very rare, with most still residing in Brunei so if you are lucky enough to see one be sure to revel in that moment.


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