Secondhand Saint: Infiniti G35

G35 Coupe

The G35 pretty much saved the Infiniti brand when it came out. It offered an extremely solid package for a very good price offering better performance than its German competition for less money. The G35 shared its platform with the Nissan 350Z, making the sedan a four door sports car and the coupe a more comfortable Z. It was a rock solid lineup and they sold like hotcakes to executives and enthusiasts alike. Now they are among the best used cars you can buy if you’re looking for something that’s got everything.    

Comparing the sedan and the coupe, the sedan is actually a bit lighter, however it did also come with “less power”. All of the G35s featured the same 3.5L V6 (VQ35DE) found in the 350Z, and actual power differences are debatable between sedan and coupe in reality. In 2005 there was a marked increase in power though, from 280hp to 306hp (slightly less in the sedan). Regardless of year though, the G35 delivers impressive performance and driving dynamics to please anyone on their daily commute or on a winding back road. 0-60 takes 5-6sec depending on model year, and each will top 150mph flat out. The V6’s powerband is sharp and responsive and the engine sounds among the best of any similar car.

The G35 also offers the comfort you would expect from a premium brand like Infiniti. I would even go so far as to call the coupe an “entry level GT car” because of it’s solid mix of style, performance and comfort; quite a bargain when you look at it that way. Both variants are as practical as any normal car with a sedan or coupe body style, so daily errands will be handled with ease. Both variants also offer 6spd manual and 5spd automatic transmissions, and while the manual is preferable for enthusiast the automatic is not all that bad either (it has very decent tiptronic shifting).  The G35 is also known for being extremely reliable. Nissan build very mechanically solid products and this is the essence of what they can do right.

As far as the aftermarket goes, the G35 follows basically the same route as the 350Z. 03-04 cars will reach around 270whp (from around 220-230whp or so stock) with basic intake, exhaust, and spacing mods with the 300whp barrier being broken with cams. For post “Rev Up” cars these numbers will be just a little bit higher. Those wanting more than 320hp or so will need to go with forced induction of some sort. In general most supercharger kits will get power to around 375whp-430whp and turbo kits are the best option for those wanting over 450whp. Parts are abundant for the G35 as it has a huge enthusiast following. Engine, transmission, suspension, etc parts are all out there in vast quantities, so customization is quite easy.

The G35 is a great option for anyone looking for a standard sedan or a coupe. It offers all the practicality, efficiency, and comfort of every other such offering out there, but with much more dynamic ability and competency (ie, Fun). Looking over the G35, it is really difficult to find anything bad about it at all, other than it’s power gains from basic modifications may lack some when compared to some of it’s turbocharged contemporaries. Other than that the G35 is really one of the most solid packages you can buy; it even comes in AWD if you live somewhere that has varying weather. Price wise you should spend 10-20k for a good example, any less will have a lot of wear and tear, and any more will be a rip off. As everyday cars go, it doesn’t get much better than this.


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