Alfa Romeos from Europe: Can America please have Alfa back….PLEASE?!!

While over in Europe this summer, each day was made a little brighter by the fact that I got to see Alfa Romeos everywhere I went. Alfa Romeo hasn’t been in the US for quite some time now, so seeing all of the modern Alfas was a real treat for me. I particularly loved the Giulietta (shown above), but all of them are basically akin to rolling sculptures. The Italians really know how to style a car. I have heard varied things about the way many new Aflas drive, but as a spectator I was smitten with them. I am hoping and praying that the rumors of Alfas return to the States are true, because I could easily see something like a Giulietta in my driveway as a daily driver.  

Alfa Romeo GT:

Alfa Romeo MiTo:

Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider:

And lastly we have a very rare Alfa, the RZ. This Zagato styled sports car is one of the rarest Alfas ever produced at just 284 units. I caught this one on the Swiss Autobahn as we travelled to Zurich. The photo isn’t great, but it was a quick draw situation.


-Nick Walker

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