Chris Harris snags a ride in the Porsche 918

As much as I agree that car reviews from the passenger seat suck, and I generally refuse to do them, there are some cases where you take what you can get. This would be one of them, given how much buzz there is around the Porsche 918 at the moment. This video sheds a lot of light on Porsche’s new hypercar, and turn up your speakers for the part where they kick it out of “electric mode” because they engine is pure savagery.

On another note though, they do say this car will weigh 1700kg (3700lbs). While I absolutely trust Porsche in everything they are doing, there is a bit of me that has to look back at the Carrera GT with a sort of somber admiration for its comparative simplicity. It was a light car with a glorious engine, and a clutch pedal of all things; the epitome of a pure Porsche supercar? The 918 is awesome, but seems so complex by comparison. We will see if that is a good thing, and I have high hopes, but the V10 will be tough to beat.

-Nick Walker


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