Some fun was had today….

Enjoying the snow here in the Northeastern US in my Subaru WRX STi. Went out drifting, and then did some celebratory donuts right in front of the house. Many performance cars have to stay in the garage during a blizzard, but rally cars are meant for this stuff. Snow drifting is surely one of my favorite things to do in this car. Hope everyone else is having fun today as well, wherever you are.


6 thoughts on “Some fun was had today….”

    1. Thanks man. Yea I love the STi. I’ve had her goin on 7 years now. I’ll be doing a big article on it at some point here, but its hard cause its like talking about your kids or something lol


  1. I owned a WRX TR in a past life. Makes me glad to see people using Subarus as they’re meant to be used. Nothing will ever top that glorious exhaust note. Nothing.

    We had a “Cars and Coffee” near where I live a while back, and two guys that arrived in Porsches were having a conversation about Subarus and I heard one say “Those Subaru boxers have one of the best exhaust notes of all time. You can’t believe such a hellish roar comes from something as mundane looking as a WRX, but it does.”


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