Spotted! Bentley Brooklands, Amelia Island, FL

Bentley Brooklands

On our way into the Concours event on Sunday, we came across this fantastic looking Brooklands sitting all alone in a bank parking lot. There is something special about seeing a car worth more money than most homes just sitting all alone in the real world, covered in morning dew like it were any other object. The Brooklands is a Bentley among Bentleys, the flagship model from 2008-2011, and just 550 examples in existence. Its 6.75L V8 packs 530hp, and a mighty 773ft/lbs of torque. This particular car was immaculately appointed, with a two tone, black and gray, color scheme, a red leather interior, and a red pinstripe along the side.

This is a very Bilderberg type of car, the sort that makes back door arrangements with other big-wigs, and pretends to adopt orphans for fun, just to see the desperate looks on their faces as they drive away without them at the last second. If the “Top 1%” had a team mascot, the Brooklands could certainly be it. The Continental GT is surely the Bentley for sensible money, whereas the Brooklands is for the “just because I can” types. So, if you are seeing this, and you are sad because you don’t have a Brooklands, just take solace in knowing that at least everyone won’t automatically hate you at first sight.

That said, I do love this car, just not the stigma that comes with it. It is the ultimate in “baller status”, which is both a good and bad thing. Enjoy the pics.

Bentley Brooklands

Bentley Brooklands Flying B

Bentley Brooklands

Bentley Brooklands

Bentley Brooklands

Bentley Brooklands

-Nick Walker


3 thoughts on “Spotted! Bentley Brooklands, Amelia Island, FL”

    1. Nah I’m right with you there. I love the car, but if I was gonna spend this sort of money I wouldn’t even be considering it. I can get all the luxury I’d ever want for $100k or less. If I’m spending house money, the car(s) will be exotic as hell or vintage.


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