Cadillac’s New Twin Turbo V6 Has Answered My Prayers

Cadillac's 3.6L Twin Turbo V6
Cadillac’s new 3.6L Twin Turbo V6

Cadillac will be releasing the next generation CTS at the upcoming New York International Auto Show, but the big news is under that car’s hood. With the CTS Cadillac is finally jumping on board with their European competitors, and offering a strong turbocharged power plant. Specifically, Cadillac has strapped two turbochargers to their 3.6L V6 to make an engine that will compete with many of the European twin turbo V8s.

This new 3.6T is extremely important because it will make its way into all of Cadillac’s current cars. As of now, Cadillac has said it will be in the top-line CTS model, but below the V, which will still have a V8. The new 3.6T (slightly detuned) will also make it into the XTS, a car which I had criticized for having the wrong engine. The change to the 3.6T could make all the difference in the XTS, giving it a more relaxed, more powerful nature that is proper for a big luxury car. Also, heavy in the rumor mill, and all but officially confirmed, is the implementation of this new 3.6T in the upcoming ATS-V.

GM claims 420hp and 430ft/lbs of torque for the 3.6T in the CTS, so that is what I will be going with for all of the above models. Also, even though we know those sneaky Germans always lie about the amount power in their cars, Caddy’s new 2014 CTS 3.6T has around 20hp more than the turbo V8s found in the BMW 550i and Mercedes E550…… at least on paper. You might think fuel economy would automatically be better for the V6 Caddy than the V8 Germans, but don’t count on it because making the same sort of power in a smaller motor just requires more boost, which requires more fuel. That said, Cadillac is also debuting their new 8-speed automatic transmission on this new CTS as well, so hopefully they will find some way of making it a little less thirsty than the Germans.

All in all, I think this is a fantastic move for Cadillac, and GM overall. We will likely see the 3.6T motor appear in non Cadillac models as well, so hopefully it will prove to be a solid power plant. It’s about time GM got on board with the unanimous turbocharged revolution that has swept the entire industry. Their 2.0T has been a great start, but I think the 3.6T is precisely what was needed to take their higher end products to the next level. A level where Cadillac’s claim of being “The Standard Of The World”, might actually be believable.

-Nick Walker

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