Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe spotted in Englishtown, NJ

Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe

There’s something special about the allure of this classic Alfa Romeo that made me put a halt to my busy day for a few minutes so I could snap a few photos of it. I cannot pretend to be an expert on every nuance of the Alfa Romeo brand of this era, but my online research has told me that this car is a 1960’s (1963?) Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe.

I spotted it just sitting there on my way from Waterfest last summer to another car show later that evening. I don’t know if the owner intentionally left it out for car show attendees to enjoy, or if it was there for some other reason, but it managed to captivate me in the setting of that day. The car had a wonderful patina to it that made it seem that much more special. I had to capture it.


Alfa Romeo 2600 Coupe

-Photos by Nick Walker

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