Chevrolet Nova SS-396 at the Hollywood Car Auction, Amelia Island

Chevrolet Nova SS396 Front

At the same auction where the Hudsons were sold, this very clean 1969 Chevrolet Nova SS396 eagerly awaited a new buyer.  It looked smart and professionally restored, with a 396ci V8, manual transmission, gorgeous black interior, and a black vinyl roof, topped off with redline tires and Rally wheels.  Unfortunately, this Nova didn’t sell at the auction and at this time I am still unaware if the car has changed hands.  That said, this is one of the straightest, cleanest late-Sixties Novas I have seen in a very long period of time.  Enjoy the photos.

Chevrolet Nova SS396 Interior

Chevrolet Nova SS396 Engine

Chevrolet Nova SS396 Turn Signal

Chevrolet Nova SS396 Rear

-Albert S. Davis

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