Waterfest 20 Highlights

Waterfest 20 Beetle with Bentley Wheels

The thunder of revving engines mixes with pounding dubstep to create an unexpected aural harmony, while exhaust fumes mingle with the pungent aroma of burning cannabis inside your nostrils… this is Waterfest, and it is wonderful!

We’ve gone to Waterfest pretty regularly over the past few years because it is one of the Mecca events for european car enthusiasts. It’s all about Volkswagen Group and their products, but they own many different companies, so you never know what you will see there. Obviously, it is predominantly a slammed car show, and stanceheads from all over flock to Englishtown, NJ so they can judge the “lowness” of everyone’s cars.

While I do like to poke fun at the stance car culture, I must say that I love going to these events because they are always very interesting. Sure many people have the same types of cars, but very few are alike. The stance culture is creative for sure, and it’s always awesome to to see how people deck out their rides. It’s mostly younger people too, members of the individualistic “millennial” generation.

This young demographic is coveted by many automotive marketers, especially GM, but Volkswagen seems to have it down to a tee. VW supports the event, and utilizes it to further build brand loyalty. They are fortunate enough to be at the center of a major automotive trend, and they have whole-heartedly embraced it.

Customization, both in terms of looks and performance, is at the center of this car culture, and Waterfest is as much a marketing bonanza as it is a car show or drag racing competition. Overall, it is one of the most complete events out there, and that is what sets it apart. Heck, Volkswagen even had an autocross course set up this year, and they were letting everyone run the new 2015 GTI through its paces… it was a blast.

So with that, enjoy the photo gallery of all of these fun and interesting cars!

Waterfest 20 Audi A4 in Matte Blue
Waterfest 20 VW Corrado
Waterfest 20 Volkswagen Mk1 Cabrio
Waterfest 20 VW Tiguan Bentley Wheels
Waterfest 20 Pink Range Rover
Waterfest 20 VW Jetta Coupe
Waterfest 20 Audi TT-RS
Waterfest 20 VW GLI Slammed
Waterfest 20 VW Harlequin
Waterfest 20 VW Mk3 Golf Harlequin
Waterfest 20 Purple VW Golf R
Waterfest 20 Slammed Audi Allroad
Waterfest 20 Slammed VW Mk3 Jetta
Waterfest 20 Volkswagen CC Stanced
Waterfest 20 Audi RS6
Waterfest 20 VW Euro License Plates
Waterfest 20 Slammed Volkswagen Jetta
Waterfest 20 Slammed VW CC
Waterfest 20 VW Beetle Air Cooled
Waterfest 20 Volkswagen Sirocco
Waterfest 20 Slammed VW Golf Cabrio
Waterfest 20 Audi RS7
Waterfest 20 Slammed VW Jetta Sportwagen
Waterfest 20 VW Jetta and Ginster Mk3 Golfs

-Nick Walker


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