The Price Game Intro

The Price Game

As car people, we’ve all played this at some point: You pick some amount of money, and maybe a scenario, and then you and your friends come up with what you’d buy within the given budget. You then  compare and criticize each other’s choices, and debate ensues.

It’s a lot of fun to imagine both realistic and fantastical situations to fill your garage in, so we figured we’d bring you the Mind Over Motor Price Game, our own version of the game that all car-lovers like to play. In addition to a given budget, we’re also going to set some situational context and some basic rules to consider when making your choices to keep things interesting.

Here’s an example: 

Budget: $150,000

Location: Miami Florida

Parking Spaces: up to 3


New cars or used cars

Use or 

Cars must be within 200 miles of Miami zip code 33133

We plan to do at least one of these per month, possibly more, with budgets ranging from just a few grand to multiple millions. We will be posting our results, and we invite any and all of you, our readers, to play along, and share the garages that you come up with in the comments.

Feel free to get creative too. Like if you’d want to have a boat in Miami then you might want a truck that can tow it, or if you’re a dog lover then you’ll need something to drive your four-legged friends around in. You also don’t need to fill all of the available parking spots, so if you feel like blowing your whole budget on just one car, that is fine.

Let’s have fun with this!


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