1968 Dodge Charger at the New Hope Car Show

1968 Dodge Charger Front Right

Recently, I featured “Dodgezilla” on Mind Over Motor. Well, here’s another 1968 Dodge Charger, but this one is a completely different animal. It’s tame, bred in captivity, as opposed to being fed steroids through a funnel down the carb. This ’68 is a regular Charger with the 383 big block V8, a four-speed manual transmission, and all of the lines that made the ’68-70 a heartthrob both then and now. This white example sported a red interior–a bit unusual for a Charger, but considering that this one was restored as more of a cruiser than a bruiser, that’s perfect. This was a brutally cool car in its day, and the Charger’s aura has aged well, rather like a fine wine. Enjoy the photos.

1968 Dodge Charger Wheel

1968 Dodge Charger Engine

1968 Dodge Charger Interior

1968 Dodge Charger Grille

1968 Dodge Charger Front Left

-Albert S. Davis


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