EVO Tests The Manic Lamborghini Aventador SV

Lamborghini has released the crazier, more hardcore version of the Aventador, the LP-750 SV. The SV stands for Super Veloce, which basically means “higher velocity”… a Lambo that is faster then a standard Lambo.

Evidently, the Aventador SV is much improved in areas where the standard Aventador lacks a bit. When I drove the Aventador a few years back, I enjoyed much of the car, but I really didn’t like how it handled on the track at all. Hopefully, Lamborghini has fixed the Aventador with the SV in a similar way they did the Gallardo with the Superleggera. Brute acceleration and a screaming engine are awesome to have, but it’s nice when a car doesn’t just understeer to no end when you push it in corners.

Either way, the Lamborghini Aventador SV is one hell of a looker, and surely a sight that will be seen on bedroom walls across the world.

Enjoy the vid!


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