1957 Mini Moke at the 2015 Boca Raton Concours

Mini Moke Front

Anybody want to go fishing? Well, I’m no fisherman, but I think that with this thing, it’s be difficult to justify parking it near a dock–the metal’s so thin it might just rust within a foot of the ocean. This is a 1957 Mini Moke, but it’s not just any Moke–this one’s a beach car. When it comes to beach cars, I’m used to seeing Fiat 600s with basket-weave seats and doily trim hanging off the cloth roof. This is only the second Moke I’ve seen made into a beach car (the other one was at an auction near the Quail in August of last year).

Mini Moke Rear Seat

For a beach car, this Moke is rather nautical. The white paint with blue underbody finishing and wheels remind me a bit of a classic yacht one might find sailing the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. The wood finish on the floors and the inner panels look fantastic, as does the chrome finish steering wheel. I also have to appreciate the CB radio hooked up under the dashboard, just in case you have to call the Coast Guard when (not if) the golf-cart sized tires get stuck in the sand. The fishing poles out back are a nice touch, too. Even though it was stuck on a golf course, I’d be the first to take this thing 10 miles down the street to Boca’s gorgeous beaches. Enjoy the photos.

Mini Moke Instrument Panel

Mini Moke Engine

Mini Moke Rear

Mini Moke Wheel and Tire

-Albert S. Davis


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