When an engine seizes, what can cause it? Find out here.

Hot Rod Garage has morphed in a favorite show of mine over on YouTube, simply because of the subject matter covered, and the way in which it is covered. Here, Tony Angelo, proud owner of a matching numbers (same engine as what ended up in the car at the factory) 1971 Dodge Demon 340 in lime green, diagnoses why his engine seized up solid after attempting to break in a new camshaft. While this has never happened to me because I’ve never done serious engine work to a car in my posession, there’s a lot to learn here about what sort of places to look to find the causes of engine seizure, as well as how to make the right repairs. This show’s been going for a few years now from Hot Rod Magazine–and Tony’s a great host. So take a few minutes on your lunch break to watch–plenty to learn.

-Albert S. Davis


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