Ferrari’s got a new shoe, and they call it the GTC4 Lusso

It’s not a revolution, just an incremental improvement. The 2017 Ferrari GTC4 Lusso may be a face-lifted FF, but it’s a touch-up on a masterpiece.

That ferocious 6.3L V12 is now up to 681hp, from 651hp. It’s not a difference you’ll really notice behind the wheel, but it’s nice that it’s there. The Lusso’s real improvements over the FF come in the form of new four wheel steering and slicker aerodynamics.

The FF’s shooting brake design (which I’ve always loved) remains intact, but the GTC4 Lusso sees the return of twin taillights to a modern Ferrari model.

I think the GTC4 is a welcome update to the FF, and I’m stoked that they’ve brought back the iconic “Lusso” name.

Grand touring cars don’t really get more “grand” than this.

-Nick Walker


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