I saw my first Ferrari GTC4Lusso in Philly

IMG_3225 IMG_3228

I got my first in person look at the Ferrari GTC4Lusso at the Philly Auto Show, and I’m not really sold on the look. I definitely like the styling of the FF better. Ferrari seems to have toned it down a bit with the Lusso, and it didn’t do the car any favors.

Most of all I find the headlights awkward. They’re too big, and not a very elegant shape (I felt the same about the FF too). I also think the new taillights look weird with the shape of the car. I liked the FF’s single round taillights much better.

I will, however, always love the shooting brake design, and I’m glad Ferrari seems to be sticking with it.



2 thoughts on “I saw my first Ferrari GTC4Lusso in Philly”

  1. Agree with your styling comments! The whole rear end — especially the tail lights — is inelegant. Not up to Ferrari standards.


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