Original Grain: A Watch Worth Wearing

Original Grain Watch Talbot

It’s hard to get noticed for any sort of style at the high society car events I go to. Many people dress to the 9’s, with all of the latest, most expensive stuff that money can buy. But would you believe I’ve had my watch complimented by a man wearing a glitzy Rolex?

Original Grain makes timepieces with a very unique style. Like many of our favorite automobiles, these watches consist of a mix of fine wood and hard steel. For anyone who lives the automotive lifestyle, they just seem “right.”

Our promotional period with Original Grain ends at the end of this month, so there’s only a few weeks left to get yourself a great deal on you new favorite watch. Use the promo code “MINDOVERMOTOR” at checkout on the Original Grain website, and you’ll save $20 bucks.


Original Grain Watch LaFerrari

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